Welcome to Veni's Wellness Center!

We are here to assist you with taking a closer look at why there is more to life than its everyday routines and struggles. We are constantly moving in this rat race balancing careers, family, and material desires until we lose focus on what really matters in life, which is inner peace, fulfillment, and happiness. Many people are awakening to this, so they are seeking out services that will assist them with obtaining the guidance and tools needed to move beyond their current stressful positions.

Our mission is to teach individuals about mind and body connections, that incorporates healthy eating, eliminating distress (a negative feeling) and to shift the human field of awareness from being outwardly focused on materialism and survival to becoming inwardly focused on peace, love, creativity, healing and wellness.

Do you worry about gaining weight, but are tired of fad diets?

The focus will be on learning how food and the body are interconnected through the nutrients we eat. It’s easier to manifest positive energy when the body and mind are in harmony. Integrating healthy nutrition with holistic life practices helps our life journey.

Food choices influence mood, emotions and feelings, and our feelings feed our spiritual nourishment. Often times, when our body is sick, it’s trying to tell us something is wrong. But instead of taking the time to heal the disease, we go to the doctor to be given synthetic chemicals to treat the symptoms. We’ll discuss foods that may help far more efficiently and favorable than pharmaceuticals. Find out more…