About Venita

Venita has always had a love for fitness. She realized early in life how being active, looking great and feeling your best are great rewards in life. She knows all too well how we as women can put everything and everyone before ourselves; she too fell into a rut and gained weight and stop taking care of herself at one point in time. Because of her own experience, she is better able to take on a personalized approach to health and wellness for individuals. She takes a no nonsense approach to helping people achieve results.

She is a military veteran, is very active in her community and teaches a variety of exercise classes in San Antonio and surrounding areas throughout Texas. Her passion is teaching and motivating others to elevate their lives to higher levels. She is not fun of being ordinary and takes a no nonsense approach to helping people achieve results.

She is certified through Aerobics and Fitness Association of America AFFA, she teaches Zumba, Spinning/cycling, Mindful Meditation, and Pilates classes. She is an expert on healthy cooking and eating for optimal health. Her fav workouts are Zumba and Mindful Meditation.

“I love helping people and I love exercising and leading others. If there is something you want in life you have to go get it period. There are no in-betweens, experience taught me that. When you make a commitment, STICK WITH IT, and then it pays off. If you don’t like your current weight or the situation you are in, yet you constantly complain and allow things to stay the same…..that’s what I call INSANITY. ”

Best advice I can give “In any field of endeavor, making a vow is the foundation for achieving something great. If for whatever reason you give up halfway or backslides, your commitment has not been based on a vow. Halfhearted desire does not amount to a vow.”