Complain less, appreciate more, in 2018

As I sit quietly in my room, I’m reflecting on all the changes that’s happened to me in 2017. Some changes have been good, and some bad. I will not lie and say, “I won’t complain” because I’ve surely done my share of complaining in 2017. But, I ask myself, “is complaining inevitable?” What do you think?

In 2018, I’m striving to complain less. Here are a few things I plan to do to check myself:

1. Become extremely strong in my spiritual beliefs, this will allow me to resist the urge to complain with others,  when I lead by example, others will follow.

2. Turn complaints into solutions. I will look for ways to improve whatever it is I’m complaining about. One recent example is, I was having issues with my management office. I kept complaining about the issue, however; after deep thought I started to think of how I can make things workout better for me.

3. I’m going to replace my old complaining habits with a new one. When/if I feel I want to complain, I’ll do 5 push-ups. Physical activity never hurt anyone, besides; having toned arms will be a good look  on me.

Complaining sometimes can be a good thing, because it helps us realize we care  about the situation. But, lets focus those feelings on making things better instead of just wallowing in what’s wrong.

Peace & Love