Our environment can “inconspicuously” help us eliminate complaining


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Often times, we think we need to isolate ourselves from other people, when we are about to embark on a journey of self improvement, nothing could be further from the truth. Our environment is a great way we can see our own areas of improvement. Think of the people in our immediate circle as our mirror. This is an ugly truth that “most” of us will not allow ourselves to understand clearly.

I am doing quite well with less complaining, and becoming more grateful as well. When I awake in the morning, I have been making a habit of thinking of all the things that are great in my life.  This is a challenge, as old habits die hard. But what must one do when there are so many other people who are complaining around us? Well the first thing, I’ve been doing is changing the subject. I try to keep the conversation neutral.

For example, when my friend complains about her job, I ask  “how is your cake decorating hobby  working out?” This will help her talk more about what is going right, instead of what isn’t.

Another thing, I’ve been doing is asking positive questions depending on what the complaint is. I’ll ask, “have you tried this?” or “what would happen if you did this?” I offer alternatives.

And lastly, I usually keep quiet when they complain. I found that this works best for me, because they eventually change the subject to something positive.

Bottom line is, we need people in our environment because metaphorically speaking “they are our mirrors.” There is no separation between us and our environment. When we change or work to improve ourselves, we will see a change within our environment.

Peace & Love.